To Serve God

Why is it that when I say I’m atheist everyone in the room feels like I’ve just insulted them? Okay, that’s a rhetorical question. I actually know the answer. Look, I don’t go around telling people I don’t believe in deities. I realize that it’s a sensitive topic for many people, so please steel yourself when I tell you I won’t have my daughters say “To Serve God” in Girl Scouts.

As a result, I got pressure from my co-leader and some nastiness from the Unit Leader – so, I removed myself as a Daisy Troop Leader. It’s okay, my daughters won’t skip a beat. They have lots of other stuff they are involved in, but it’s too bad – really. The Girls Scouts say they are inclusive, but they’re not. They are inclusive as long as you believe in a God – ANY God apparently. But, if you don’t follow a particular faith, then you simply can’t be a Girl Scout – spiritual faith is part of it. Let me tell you from my own personal experience that I have a wonderful, loving family. All my kids are honor roll students – 2 are considered gifted and talented. Beyond academics they are talented, inquisitive, loving, helpful and incredibly kind to each other and to every one that they encounter. I work very hard and with much effort to keep a happy and healthy family (I certainly didn’t come from one) and I think I even may do more than most people so I am disgusted that anyone would judge us or use a belief in God to determine whether or not we can or should be successful because we don’t follow a faith.

You know what I believe in? I believe in cultivating the best parts of me and my family. I believe in taking those things and sharing them with the world. I believe that I have only so much control because in our natural world, shit happens. It’s supposed to whether I like it or not. This is why a rainy day could suck for one person, but be the best thing that ever happened to another. Living in a “bumpy cart” is part of this wonderful, crazy, unpredictable thing we call life. I’m going to make the most of it and I won’t be a part of an organization that says my girls can’t achieve because of how we choose to live our lives.

Sorry, for the long post. It’s a bit of a vent/stream of consciousness thingy. lol. thanks for listening. To each his/her own, but don’t judge or exclude <—moral to the story.